Experience Level: Expert

This website should be a great example of my abilities. I designed this site from the ground up to showcase my abilities with HTML5 and CSS3. I have done enough HTML design to know all of the shortcomings and workarounds for most implementations. I am excited about what HTML5, along with great Javascript libraries like jQuery, bring to the table. With a little effort, there is no reason all next generation websites can't give Flash style interactivity in pure HTML and Javascript.

Things I like about web development

  • It's fast. For the most part, web development is faster than typical software development.
  • Portability. Most operating systems have capable web browsers, meaning everyone can see/use your website.
  • Google provides an endless resource while both developing and sharing your content.

Things I don't like about web development

  • Internet Explorer. With the exception of IE9, Microsoft has been years behind all the other browsers in terms of supporting common practices in web design. This always means you spend more time making things work with Internet Explorer than you do building the entire project from the ground up.
  • "Fluffy standards", because it takes a while for a proposed standard such as CSS3 to get defined, browsers get their own implementation of "cool" features prefixed by their own naming scheme (eg. -moz, -webkit). This means, that as a web developer, you must add every variant of this feature into your CSS, making it messy.
  • It never looks exactly right in every browser. Depending on which browser you develop along side, the other browsers will never be picture perfect in comparison.